Introducing the docuPad: What are the Benefits?

Purchasing a quality Mercedes-Benz vehicle should be a pleasant experience, which is why our dealership features the docuPad System. DocuPad is a flat-screen application that provides customers with easy to access video presentations and convenient on-screen document signing using a stylus. Our dealership invests in docuPad technology to ensure you receive the very best customer service with a minimum demand for your time.

DocuPad is the state-of-the-art way for you to complete your paperwork when you buy or lease one of our fine vehicles. The large screen lies flat on the credit manager’s desk, and its images can be manipulated much like those on a smartphone. For example, the manager can describe a form to you and then spin the form around 180 degrees for your digital signature. It’s easy to make changes to your contract, say to add or delete an option, with the docuPad system without having to reprint documents. You never have to worry about arithmetic mistakes with docuPad — it’s all digital, accurate and ecological.

What was once tedious is now a fun experience. We can even give you your documents on a flash drive instead of old-fashioned paper. So why wait? Come visit our beautiful Mercedes-Benz showroom today and allow us to help you buy or lease a vehicle that’s perfect for your needs!