Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead European Delivery Program & Experience

Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz USA, European Delivery Program. We at Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead look to exceed your expectations while you experience an unforgettable European vacation. Whether you’re winding your way through snowcapped villages, or venturing into the majestic countryside, there’s no better place to immerse yourself in the Mercedes-Benz experience. That’s why we created the European Delivery Program. Your visit to the Mercedes-Benz Delivery Center, Factory and Museum contributes to the continuous narrative of the invention of the automobile and the significant contribution of you, the Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead customer, in this story.

Your European Delivery experience includes accommodations in one of our luxurious hotels in Stuttgart or Bremen. Upon arrival in Germany, you’ll enjoy a factory tour where you’ll pick up your vehicle for the very first time.

With a full tank of gas and fifteen days of European road insurance, your road trip will truly begin. At the end, simply leave your Mercedes-Benz at any one of the designated drop-off points, and you´ll be reunited on the other side of the Atlantic.

Your journey begins with a onenight stay at your preferred hotel in Stuttgart, then breakfast or lunch at the Sindelfingen factory restaurant.

From there, you can enjoy your trip, ranging from the Black Forest to European cities like Berlin, Munich and Geneva. Once your trip is done, your vehicle can be dropped off at any of our drop off points and it will be safely shipped to the United States.


Standard One Night Package One (1) night in Stuttgart or Bremen, Germany (for one or two persons, including breakfast). This is included in every order at no charge to the customer.

Optional Packages

In addition to the standard one night package (as outlined above), you can choose to purchase one of the packages below for an extra charge of $2,000. This will be a separate charge and will be billed to your vehicle order through the dealership when your new vehicle order is placed for European delivery.

Alps Rally & Alsace Region
Four (4) nights in total (two persons, including breakfast)
One (1) night in Strasbourg
Two (2) nights in Interlaken
One (1) night Geneva (drop off point)

Black Forest Package
Four (4) nights in total (two persons, including breakfast)
One (1) night in Baiersbronn
Two (2) nights Hinterzarten
One (1) night Munich (drop off point)

Bremen, Prague & Berlin
Four (4) nights in total (two persons, including breakfast)
Two (2) nights in Prague
Two (2) nights in Berlin (drop off point)

French Riviera Package
Four (4) nights in total (two persons, including breakfast)
One (1) night in Davos
One (1) night in Lake Como
Two (2) nights in Nice (drop off point)

Kings, Castles & Mozart Package
Four (4) nights in total (two persons, including breakfast)
One (1) night in Hohenschwangau
Two (2) nights Salzburg
One (1) night Munich (drop off point)

Provence Package
Four (4) nights in total (two persons, including breakfast)
One (1) night in Montreux
One (1) night in Grenoble
One (1) night in Cannes
One (1) night in Nice (drop off point)

Slopes and Seaside in Slovenia
Five (5) nights in total (two persons, including breakfast)
One (1) night in Munich
One (1) night in Salzburg
One (1) night in Maribor or Bled Lake
One (1) night in Ljubljana
One (1) night in Portoroz Drop off location in Koper

Before completing your registration, please review the travel information included. You will also need to provide your legal name as it appears on your passport and date of birth to complete your travel arrangements. Once your registration is completed, you will automatically receive a confirmation of registration by email. You may only register once. Please read all instructions on the registration form before confirming your selection.

Note: *Additional nights, rooms, and/or guests can be accommodated for all packages, for additional expense, varies by hotel. Additional nights/rooms beyond the packages offered above will be charged to your credit card. Festivals/holiday periods will incur additional cost. Holidays, and especially during the Oktoberfest in Munich rooms are not guaranteed. Credit card information is required for hotel guarantee purposes. In some Hotels parking is an additional cost.


The above is subject to change without notice. Cancellations of travel and hotels may result in non-refundable fees, depending on circumstances. It is expressly understood and agreed that Mercedes-Benz USA and its parent company and affiliates are not responsible for the negligence or intentional misconduct of the airlines, hotels, or any third parties providing services to you in conjunction with your air travel arrangements, accommodation, meals, etc. We hope you enjoy your trip in your Mercedes–Benz!